Cash in transit

Cash in transit

Respecting the legal regulations, professional standards and requirements of insurance companies, as well as all the needs of our clients, Fina GS is a company specialized in providing safe transportation of valuable items.

Eleven locations of Fina GS provide fast and secure transportation of your money and value shipments throughout the Republic of Croatia.

Transport and security services of value services include:

  • domestic and international transportation of domestic and foreign currencies
  • transport of securities and other value-bearing instruments
  • transport of items of value and precious metals
  • ATM services and the first level of maintenance
  • Day-Night treasury emptying services and the first level maintenance
  • deployment, maintenance and supervision of depositing devices, "smart safes"

We maintain high level safety standards by continuously improving work and safety procedures, by educating and improving our employees, applying state-of-the-art specialist equipment and centralized monitoring of the vehicle from the monitoring center using the GPS system.

Fina GS uses an advanced software solution that monitors status of ordered services and enables detailed reporting.

In order to protect our customers further from all the risks of physical loss or damage to value and other shipments, we have a cash transport insurance policy with the highest per vehicle limit.

For all the companies that in their daily work face considerable amounts of cash, we particularly emphasize daily revenue collection services and delivering of small denominations.

In addition to the classic collection, we also offer two cash collector models in combination with technical devices, whereby the devices are property of Fina GS:

  • drop-in cash register/safe is installed at the client's location, while the keys of the safe are handled by Fina GS workers
  • "smart safe" device is employed at the client's site and keys are handled by Fina GS employees

You can let us transport and secure the transportation of your money and other values with confidence.

In this way, you do not gamble with the security of your business, nor are your employees exposed to unnecessary dangers.

For all questions related to our services, please contact us with full confidence. Our team will solve all your security-logistic problems.