Our company has recognized the importance of investing in employees with the aim of achieving excellence in business. Through systematic investment in acquiring new knowledge and skills and recognizing the potential of individuals, we provide employees with personal growth and career development. We want to attract and retain quality employees who will successfully respond to the challenges surrounding us with their knowledge and experience and other high quality attributes.

In our industry the development of professional cadres gives us comparative advantage in the market. We strive to cultivate a culture of high motivation, given that proactivity in this business is imperative for success. We are aware that human resources are the highest value of the company and that our success is at the same time their merit. We appreciate them for their accomplishments and high quality team work, thanks to which we achieve excellence and excellent business results. Due to the extremely large competition, the professional development of employees and the efficient management of human resources are among the company's most important priorities. Therefore, we try to be a desirable employer who devotes particular attention to its employees. We believe that education is very important - we encourage our employees to further educate themselves and offer education through various seminars, courses and counseling.

FINA cash services is a proud winner of the certificate Employer partner for quality human resource management that is manifested through the partnership relationship between the employer and the employee. The abovementioned certificate is an indicator of high quality of business and concerns over the satisfaction of the employees, i. e. their commitment and motivation for further performance of their work tasks.

In the selection process, we strive to identify employees who will bring value to our business in terms of achieving results and creating a professional working environment that highlights the sense of responsibility for business and team work. Employees are considered the key to the success of Fina GS. We are trying to attract ambitious people who are eager to learn and strive to achieve the best results. We are looking for employees who will love what they are doing and each of our successes will be celebrated together, which will stimulate us to achieve even better results!

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