Technical protection

Technical protection

In order for the technical protection offered by Fina GS to be at the highest security level, we work only with reliable and proven equipment and engage top experts with knowledge and experience in the domain of property and people protection through the technical protection systems.

The services we offer to clients include:

  • making vulnerability assessment of protected objects
  • preparing of security elaborations
  • design of technical protection systems
  • installation and commissioning of technical protection systems
  • maintenance of technical protection systems
  • supervision of protected objects by video surveillance and central messaging systems (CDS)
  • interventions upon alarm alert

Fina GS has a valid Decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia for performing the activities of private protection - technical protection.

At the same time, all the employees of the company dealing with the technical protection work have valid identification cards of guards - technicians, which were also issued by the Ministry of Interior after having carried out the security checks and knowledge examinations in the field of private protection. Thus, Fina GS is fully aligned with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia in the field of private protection - technical protection and is able to implement and maintain technical protection systems at all levels of complexity.

Because of the widespread business network, we are able to offer technical protection services, as well as other our services, throughout the whole of Croatia. In addition, the aforementioned advanced technology and professional staff are a guarantee of professional and reliable services. Let us, your trusted partner, take care of your valuables and property and do business care-free.

For all questions related to our services, please contact us with full confidence. Our team will solve all your security-logistic problems.