Mission, Vision and Goals


To be a regional leader in providing security-logistic services, relying on long-standing experience, proven knowledge and quality of employees and advanced technology solutions that enable us and our clients to successfully address all business challenges and ensure continued development and progress.


To provide top-notch services according with all the requirements of customers and markets, relying on the knowledge and long-standing experience of employees and use of modern technology and equipment.


  • strengthening of the market share in the region
  • improvement of distribution and processing of cash
  • further development of physical and technical protection services, facility management and detective agency services
  • strengthening the efficiency of business processes
  • creating a recognizable brand in all areas of security
  • continuous satisfaction of client's needs
  • further computerization of all business areas
  • creating a collective spirit of belonging to a company, developing teamwork and investing in professional training and motivation of our own staff

Balanced Scorecard

Since 1 June 2014 Fina GS has been implementing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model of strategic management.

"The BSC is a management approach that allows the management of business indicators throughout the organization, linking the work of employees to the strategy, vision and mission of the organization." (Norton and Kaplan, 1992)

The BSC model consists of a series of carefully selected set of indicators and measures derived from the Company's strategy with which to plan, measure and direct the Company's activities in the field of different perspectives.

The "Balance of achievement" assumes the concept of balance between financial and non-financial indicators, the Company's internal and external parties, and the balance of the ending and guiding performance indicators.

The goal and purpose of applying this model is to solve the problem of successful implementation of the strategy and the proper measurement of the Company's performance.

The base of the Balanced Scorecard model comprises defining the vision, mission and strategy of the company, on the basis of which objectives and plans for the future are defined. The whole model and goals are observed from the following four aspects:

  • Financial perspective
  • Customer perspective
  • Internal processes perspective
  • Learning and growth perspective

The BSC model perspectives are predetermined, and their quality elaboration and quantification of the strategy via all four perspectives contribute to achieving the ultimate, planned goal of the Company.

The idea is to develop the BSC model at its current stage to the optimum by the end of 2014 and for it to represent one of the key tools for achieving the Company's strategic goal, namely to achieve market competitiveness and high profitability measures.

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