Physical protection

Physical protection

In order to provide our customers with a complete service, we have developed a physical protection department, focusing above all on the protection of objects, persons and property.

Insisting on high security and professional standards, we have gathered a team of security guards who can provide the necessary security for your premises. With continuous education and training, our security team is well equipped and has all the necessary logistics available to guarantee the performance.

Employees engaged in physical protection of persons and property meet all the conditions envisaged by the Private Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 68/03) and the Ordinance on the Conditions and Methods of Physical Protection (NN, No. 45/05, 21/07. 32/09 and 68/09) and possess the prescribed powers to carry out protection activities, as well as the prescribed equipment.

Activities in the field of physical protection are organized in accordance with expert assessment of threats and prepared protection plans. High efficiency and safety criteria that we set up in your daily work guarantee you a trusted partner whom you can trust with taking over of protection.

For all questions related to our services, please contact us with full confidence. Our team will solve all your security-logistic problems.